Where will I find the discussions or discussion forums?

Click on the “Schedule” tab and you will have access to the latest discussions.

How do I get involved in a discussion?

Click on the “Schedule” tab and you will have access to the latest discussions.  Then click on the forum you wish to enter.  Then look for a bold heading and click on that.  You will have entered an area where you can add your comments.

What do I do if I find myself thrown out of the Zilino site?

Go to your search engine and enter http://sedrainagecommunitypanel.zilino.com/ .  You will need your username and password.  We strongly recommend you record these in a safe place.

Where do I find documents?

Click on the “Library” tab and you will find the latest information available to the Community Panel.  The library will be continually updated throughout the Community Panel’s deliberations.  You will receive notifications each time this happens.

How will I know if people post comments on the discussion forum?

You will receive an email notification that tells you of updates.

Where will I find the latest information?

The “News” tab will be your link to the latest information from the facilitators, and other information you may have requested.

Important tabs to remember - Home

If you need to reorientate yourself at anytime or you are not sure how to get back to a page, you can always go to the “Home” tab and you will return to the opening page.  It is a good reference point.

Important tabs to remember - News

The “News” tab will bring you to the latest update notifications from the facilitators Barbara and Brenton Chappell, and newDemocracy.

Important tabs to remember - Schedule

This is where you will find current discussions.  It is your gateway into sharing opinions and making comment.

Important tabs to remember - Library

Important documents can be found here and will be updated regularly.

Important tabs to remember - People

Look here to see who else is involved in the Community Panel.

Please note that these FAQs are also available under your resources tab and can be downloaded as a pdf file and printed.